Your Personal Matchmaker

It’s time to take control of your dating and create the life and loving relationship you deserve.
I provide a superior and direct approach to your dating experience by utilising many years of my success as a renowned and trusted matchmaker.
I provide you compatible introductions by sharing my exclusive data base of quality women that you would never have the opportunities to meet organically.

Dating Should Be Fun & Exciting!

Many of the guys that have worked with Renee first approached because they were fed up with online dating apps. Swiping left, swiping right, sending DMs with some or no responses, some dates that were time wasters or gold diggers or just out for a free meal. 

With traditional matchmaking methods, you will be matched with a beautiful lady that been vetted by Renee or her team of matchmakers. 

Matchmaking For Men

Tailored Professional Matchmaking You Can Trust

My name is Renee Brown and I am the solution to your future dating and relationship success.

I work specifically with successful single men just like you, local to Perth and across Australia. I work with men who are looking for more – More quality, more results and more fun! I work with you on a such a private and intimate level to find you that perfect match that I guarantee your success.

I am more than just a matchmaker. I go above beyond to provide you not only dating success, I ensure your new relationship survive the test of time. I provide personalised psychology based coaching and support to understand your past, present and future relationship journey, as well as introducing you to compatible ladies you would never have the opportunity to meet organically.

This aspect of working 1:1 with me is my point of difference and primarily responsible for your matchmaking success.


My matchmaking services are exclusive to men only who are looking for a life changing experience.
If you’re looking to fast track your dating and achieve a new level of relationship success, I encourage you to join the waitlist and be the first to register for the next intake in October 2022


As a Relationship Coach some of my biggest breakthrough’s came from analysing repetitive dating behaviour from clients within my matchmaking business. In today’s modern society meeting people with the same romantic intentions is never the hard part.  The challenge comes from making that relationship work past the first few dates. 

According to client feedback, the recipe for a great relationship is “connection” and while I completely agree, it is only one small component.

My findings are, a lot of breakdown in relationships within the delicate early stages comes from your previous relationship conditioning – your past, all the way back to childhood.
Either you’ve moved on too soon, or you’re carrying negative conditioned behaviour into new relationships, creating unhealthy patterns.

With a tailored amount of insight, education and mindset tweaking you can change the end result.
This is why my 1:1 Date Coaching is so valuable.

In just a few sessions you’ll find clarity on how to completely succeed with dating (including online) and learn valuable life skills on what it takes to attract and retaining a long term relationship.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself I invite you to get in touch and see if coaching is a good fit for you.

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